The Magi: Random Details


• The Gospel does not say how many Magi paid homage to Jesus. The names Gaspar, Melchor, and Baltazar are not mentioned. We only know a little about the Magi—that they come from the East and journeyed to Bethlehem, following an astrological sign. So, we presuppose them to be astrologers. We assume that there were three Magi based on the naming of their three gifts. In Matthew’s Gospel, they represent the Gentiles’ search for a savior. Because the Magi represent the entire world, they also represent our search for Jesus.

• We have to consider the gifts they bring as a prefiguring of Jesus’ role in salvation. The gifts offered by the Magi have Christological significance. Gold is presented as representative of Jesus’ kingship. Frankincense is a symbol of his divinity because priests burned the substance in the Temple. Myrrh, which was used to prepare the dead for burial, is offered in anticipation of Jesus’ death.

• Have a BLESSED and JOYFUL celebration of the Feast of the Lord’s Manifestation (formerly called the FEAST of the THREE KINGS). Epiphany, the manifestation of the Lord (formerly called the feast of three kings), is not only celebrated once a year but just like Christmas, it should be celebrated throughout our lives. Christ must be manifested and revealed to men and His message be shared constantly.

–source: old onionskin notes

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Fray Onz Antonio, OAR

Fray Onz Antonio, OAR

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