Gospel Bullet Points (Gospel: Matthew 4:12-23)

  • When Jesus called Simon, his brother Andrew, James, and John, the sons of Zebedee, their response was immediate, unconditional, and total.  They had no previous knowledge of Jesus. They did not know what lay in store for them. At once, they dropped what they were doing, and left everything—their fishing nets, their parents, and their family, and followed Jesus to be His Disciples. They left everything, put their total trust in Jesus, leaving behind their means of livelihood and not knowing where all this would lead.  They did not know what was in store for them.
  • Jesus now embarks on his mission. These chosen people now share the ministry in which Jesus was engaged: teaching, preaching, and healing those who were sick in the context of the kingdom. Today’s readings should stir us into action.
  • The gospel passage tells us that the spread of Christ’s kingdom depends on us today as it was with the Apostles during the time of Jesus. Prophet Isaiah reminds us that God’s light is always being offered to us as it was to a people who had suffered exile, oppression, fear, and shame. Let us share that light with others.
  • We do not have to be perfect in order to evangelize. Pope Francis said on January 11, 2023, “We do not have to wait until we are perfect and have come a long way following Jesus to witness to him; no, our proclamation begins today, there where we live. We do not have to be perfect already to live in a way that gives witness to Christ and attracts others to him.”
  • As we share the gospel message, let us bring the light of Jesus and open the hearts of those who are seeking the face of the Lord in the midst of darkness.

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Fray Onz Antonio, OAR

Fray Onz Antonio, OAR

Priest/Religious of the Order of Augustinian Recollects in the Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno.