Sierra Leone is still present at the Saint Augustine school in Valladolid


On the occasion of World Mission Day 2022, the Saint Augustine school in Valladolid, directed by the Augustinian Recollects, has worked the missionary spirit and sensitized with the reality of the Sierra Leonean people. For several years, missions in Sierra Leone were assisted with containers loaded with food, material and hope. This aid materialized thanks, among others, to Carlos de la Fuente who, this very week, received the recognition of businessmen from Valladolid for their collaboration with the most underprivileged.


The Pastoral Department of Saint Augustine School of Valladolid, among its many campaigns, collaborated in the DOMUND campaign. It is World Mission Day in the that the Catholic Church promotes the missionary spirit whose motto this year is the words of Jesus Christ: “You will be my witnesses” (Jn 15,27).

This year we have worked in a more heartfelt and special way in the religion classes and in the tutorials, because the promotional video shows the testimonies of 6 missionaries and missionaries carrying out their mission in the state of Makeni, in Sierra Leone, a country to which has been helping with an annual container for a long time.

Now, in Makeni, the Augustinian Recollects currently have two missions in which rural communities of Kamalo (St. Paul Mission) and Kamabai (St. Thomas Mission), carrying out an intense work of development and human promotion.

Both missions date back to 1996, when the first Augustinian Recollects arrived at country. In 1997, the missionaries had to leave due to the resurgence of the conflict armed, returning in 2004 once the war was over, to begin again. Since then great work has been done in the sectors of education, food security, water and sanitation and the promotion of women among others.

Its projects include the construction of 28 wells, the construction and renovation of more of 20 rural schools, the training of dozens of teachers, the scholarship program for children and young people and since 2020 the education program for girls has been carried out in the St. Paul boarding school in Kamalo, with the aim of achieving gender equality in a country where there is a lot of inequality and discrimination against women. In the Diocese of Makeni, the Augustinian Recollects are responsible for a network of 73 rural schools made up of 3 nursery schools, 64 primary schools, 3 junior high schools, 2 high schools superiors and 1 professional school.


The Association of Companies and Professionals EDUCA of the Saint Cristóbal industrial celebrated in Valladolid, on October 19th, the IV edition of the Business Work Awards was held. In the act he was present the president of the Deputation of Valladolid, Conrado Íscar.

In this ceremony, in addition to recognizing companies with more than 25 years of experience, wanted to grant the work of 3 entities or individuals committed to the Objectives of Sustainable Development. The award for ODG 2 “Zero Poverty” went to Carlos de la Fuente, national volunteer award, for his project from him Among other things, it was highlighted his collaboration with him with religious orders to send containers to Africa. The Augustinians Recollects have always been very favored with all its pallets of food, material medical and other supplies. He always gets what is asked of him. Thanks, Carlos.


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