Commission on Communications


1. The Commission on Communications is tasked to review the communication practices of the Province and restructure itself taking into consideration the following concerns:

1.1. The Intra-Provincial line of communication:
a. Between the Prior Provincial and the Secretariats and Commissions;
b. Between the Secretariat/Commission and its members;
c. Between the Prior Provincial and the Local Priors.

1.2. The Extra-Provincial line of communication:
a. Between the Prior General and the Prior Provincial;
b. Between the Prior Provincial and the other Priors Provicial;
c. Between the Prior provincial and the Church authorities.

2. That the Commission, in disseminating news about our life and works as Augustinian Recollects, ensure the coordination and link among the websites of the Order, the Province, schools and parishes, and other apostolate areas.

3. That the Commission avail of the most effective system of “information alert” to send to all the religious urgent and important messages, greetings, reminders, and the like, in their email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

4. That the Commission consider the following:
a. Maintenance of the Provincial website and chronicles
b. Preservation of the Original Recoleto Music
c. Publication of Recollect cultural, history and heritage-related materials
d. Publication of common Religious Education and General Education textbooks
e. Integration of School Property-related services (purchases and acquisition: e.g. computers, uniforms, etc.)
f. Production of Evangelization materials through tri-media

5. That a team tasked to translate Spanish documents and other works to English be created.

6. The the OAR Ritual be translated to English in collaboration with the other English speaking Provinces.

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