Commission on History, Culture, and Heritage-Recoletos

Commission on History, Culture, and Heritage-Recoletos

Since the entrance of the first thirteen Augustinian Recollect Missionaries to the Philippine Islands to the present time, the Order has not only contributed to the development of culture, advancement of history, and reinforcement of her legacy to the Philippine society but also continues, in the present time, to transform nations through education, evangelization and other mission works particularly in the peripheries.

This section of the web is two-pronged:  it is like a window through which present generations may peep through and discover the contributions of the Augustinian Recollects in the shaping and building of the history and culture of the Philippine nation; and it is  like a gate through which modern-day Augustinian Recollects recount endeavors and struggles in the works of new evangelization through arts, media, cultural heritage and the like as acts of participation in nation-building and engagements in the shaping of a national conscience.


Fray Leander Barrot, OAR
Chairman, Commission on History, Culture, and Heritage-Recoletos

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