Section for Vocation Ministry

Section for Vocation Ministry

The vocation ministry is “a task of all and every” religious (Const. 156). Those who are in parish work and in teaching apostolate, as well as those responsible for pastoral movements, especially among the youth, and those who are in the mission fields should pay careful attention to this task (Const. 157).

The Section for Vocation Ministry aims to encourage and facilitate the active involvement and participation of the local community and the whole province, together with the laity, in the pastoral care of vocations. The Section also aims to awaken the responsibility and initiative of every
religious to form and develop programs designed for the vocational ministry, especially among the youth of the locality.

The overall direction of the pastoral care of vocations falls under the Section for Vocation Ministry. The Section is composed of the following members:
1) The National Vocation Director (NVD)
2) The Local Vocation Promoters (LVP)

Vocation ministry is viable only when Christian life flourishes in families, parishes and schools. Consequently, all religious shall extend and intensify this field of apostolate and offer to families an evangelical image of our religious Augustinian Recollect life.


Fray Allan M. Jacinto, OAR
Head, Section for Vocation Ministry
National Vocation Director