Secretariat of Spirituality, Charism, and Permanent Formation (SSCPF)

The secretariat of spirituality and formation aims to stimulate and safeguard the essential values of spirituality, particularly of the Augustinian Recollect spirituality, in the religious life and in the apostolic action of the province. This is realized by means of:

a) the promotion of the organization and direction of programs of formation of the religious in their spiritual and/or priestly life.

b) the promotion of the Augustinian Recollect spirituality among the lay faithful, especially in the associations of the Order, in coordination with the Secretariat of Apostolate.

The secretariats, as organs of administration that carry out their function within the limits and according to the norms set by the proper authorities, are established to assist the provincial government to efficiently and effectively render its services (Const. 365).

The central office of the secretariats is located at the provincial residence.




Fray Leander V. Barrot, OAR
President, Secretariat of Spirituality, Charism, and Permanent Formation (SSCPF)