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14th RAYNS Day 3: A Showcase of Culture

By Bro. Xavier Romeo Emnace | January 29, 2024 | Comments Off on 14th RAYNS Day 3: A Showcase of Culture
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The Recollect Augustinian Youth National Summit (RAYNS) went on its third day with various interactive activities in Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary (CaReS), Baguio City. The third day, January 27, 2024, started with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist in the seminary chapel, presided by Fr. Leander Barrot, OAR, President of the Secretariat of Spirituality, Charism, and Permanent Formation of the Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno. In his homily, Fr. Barrot emphasized the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary as the model of the youth, implying one’s humble submission to the will of God despite one’s fears and doubts. Morning session started…


RAYNS DAY 2: Spiritual Enrichment

The 14th Recollect Augustinian Youth National Summit (RAYNS) continued with a day of spiritual enrichment through different spiritual exercises. The RAYsters started the second day, January 26, 2024, with a morning prayer held at St. Augustine Shrine in Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary (CaReS), Baguio City. It was followed by meditation, then breakfast. The morning session started…


CaReS Hosts 14th RAYNS

DAY 1: The Kick-Off! With the theme, “Those Who Love, Walk,” the Recollect Augustinian Youth (RAY) of the Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno convened for the 14th RAY National Summit at Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary (CaReS), Baguio City. RAYSters from 23 Recoletos communities from different parts of the country and for the first time from the…


SeMoNoRe welcomes RAY full-pledged members

ANTIPOLO – On the celebration of the Epiphany of the Lord, the community of Saint Ezekiel Moreno Novitiate – Recoletos welcomes 6 youth from RAY de Antipolo as full-pledged members of the Recollect Augustinian Youth. There names are: – Carla Almeda– Sarah Almeda– Anabelle Capecenio– Joan Basaya– Alkie John Larga– Ramon Payanay The journey began…

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Prior General’s 15 requests to the youth

The Prior General addressed the young synod members at the beginning of the first JAR Synod, which began on July 21 in Spain. The JAR Synod has already begun. From this Friday, July 21, more than 30 young men and women religious from 11 different countries are meeting in Salamanca (Spain) with the aim of…


This is how the JAR Synod will work

The young people will work on all the themes for the revitalization of the JARs jointly in the synodal assembly and in groups. For the first time, the AR will hold a Synod to revitalize the Augustinian Recollect youth movement. For five days they will analyze the reality of the JARs in the world and…


SSC-R Cavite sends off WYD delegates

Celebration of the Holy Eucharist and Send-off rite for our World Youth Day delegates headed by Fr. Joseph Dexter Palagtiosa, OAR. READY! RAY de PilipinasRAY Synod – Salamanca, Spain5th RAY / WYD – Salamanca, SpainWYD Lisbon, Portugal


Regional Recollect Augustinian Youth Summit (RRAYS 2023)

The fourth member of the Order of Augustinian Recollects or the Recollect Augustinian Youth (RAY) held its Regional Recollect Augustinian Youth Summit Summit (RRAYS) on the 16th to 17th of June 2023 with the theme, “Synodality: Communion, Participation, and Mission” held in San Sebastian College-Recoletos de Manila.              The program started with the registration of…


RAY CARES: A Donation drive for the Victims of the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

CALL FOR DONATIONS The recent Earthquake in Turkey and Syria claimed more than 11,000 lives and displaced thousands of people in both countries. As a solidarity network, RAY de Filipinas in partnership with ARCORES is launching a campaign for prayer and support for the victims of this catastrophic event. The Donation drive will start from…


Invitation: Webinar on History of the Order of Augustinian Recollects

“We know that in everything, God works for good with those who love him , for those whom he knew He also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the first-born among many brethren. “ In this year of Synod, the Recollect Augustinian Youth de Filipinas…