This is how the JAR Synod will work


The young people will work on all the themes for the revitalization of the JARs jointly in the synodal assembly and in groups.

For the first time, the AR will hold a Synod to revitalize the Augustinian Recollect youth movement. For five days they will analyze the reality of the JARs in the world and listen to the needs of young people to provoke a new impulse that revitalizes the charism. Cheer up, get up! He calls you. We walk together to revitalize ourselves is the motto of this historic event.

To this end, during the meeting in Salamanca, the different points of the synodal document, drafted from the work of listening to the JAR communities around the world, will work together in the synodal assembly. Each day a set of points will be worked on, depending on the blocks: vocation and identity, charism and spirituality, formation and accompaniment, and evangelization and mission.

In addition to the plenary session with everyone, the participants in the Synod will also work the different blocks in seven groups, distributed in a different way to provide plurality. At the end of these group meetings, the conclusions will be presented to the assembly. These groups have been called minor circles.

On July 21, the Synod will begin with a retreat led by Msgr. Carlos María Domínguez, Augustinian Recollect Bishop and facilitator of the Synod. Under the title ‘Blind Bartimaeus, a disciplic experience of faith and synodality’, young people will begin these important days from within.

The opening Eucharist will be presided over by the Prior General, Fray Miguel Ángel Hernández, and the closing Eucharist, by Msgr. Carlos María Domínguez. Likewise, Masses on Saturday, July 22 and Monday, July 24 will be celebrated in English and Portuguese. The days will begin with a prayer and will continue with the work in common and later in groups. At the end of each day the conclusions will be shared.


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