RAY and SARF de Provincialate Pastoral Visit: Fostering Harmony in the Community

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San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish, Quezon City — The Recollect Family of the Provincialate warmly welcomed the Prior Provincial, Rev. Fr. Bernard Amparado, OAR, for an evening of dinner and discourse. During his visit, Fr. Amparado assessed the activities and status of the RAY de Provincialate and the SARF de Provincialate, marking the first such pastoral visit in three years with our prior provincial. The esteemed Prior Provincial graced us with his presence on June 12, 2024, at 7:30 p.m. The evening commenced with a Holy Mass officiated by Rev. Fr. Jonathan Caballero, OAR, followed by Vespers/Evening Prayer.

The Mass was attended by Recollect Augustinian Youth de Provincialate (RAY) Aspirants and Officers, as well as the three RAY de Filipinas/RAY National Officers, RAY LAY Collaborators, and the Secular Augustinian Recollect Fraternity (SARF).

Following the Mass, as we convened for dinner and a community overview, we commenced by acknowledging the presence of the OAR Priests. Among them were the San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Niño Cesar R. Ruiz, OAR, Prior of Recoletos de Provincialate, Rev. Fr. Bernabe “Butch” Dosdos, OAR, as well as Rev. Fr. Niel Ryan Jarumay, OAR, Rev. Fr. Robin Ross Plata, OAR, Rev. Fr. Anthony Morillo, OAR, and Rev. Jhyryx Vincent Gamulo, OAR.

Subsequently, Alsher Tibang, President of RAY de Provincialate, delivered a presentation introducing the RAY Aspirants, RAY Full-fledged members, and RAY de Filipinas officers, along with their respective activities. And Sis. Zenaida Lapuz, President of SARF de Provincialate, then provided a delightful introduction of the organization and its activities. SARF comprises five committees. Committee on Finance and Assets headed by Sis. Mena Quiambao, Committee on Formation and Vocation headed by Bro. Jayzl Nebre, Committee on Spirituality and Liturgy headed by Sis. Leonida Tejada, Committee on Communication and Publication headed by Sis. Josephine Lapuz, and Committee on Apostolate and Social Concerns headed by Sis. Virginia Santos.

The discourse commenced with a prayer, centered around Spirituality and Charism, with the Prior Provincial providing an insightful quote:
“Charism and Spirituality are gifts from the Holy Spirit.” -Rev. Fr. Bernard Amparado, OAR,

The talk delved into key Charisms that every Recollect/Recoletos must embody:
A. Contemplative Character of the Order
B. Communitarian Character
C. Apostolic Character
D. Marian Character/The Virgin Mary, Mother, and Model of the Order

Following the discussion, members of RAY de Provincialate and SARF de Provincialate engaged in an interactive session, posing questions to the Prior Provincial to ensure all perspectives were considered. The presentation concluded at 9:11 p.m., culminating with a photo opportunity.

The presence of the Prior Provincial left a lasting impression on the community. This also was also an opportunity for the Recollect family to enhance their connection through devotion, service to others, and dedication to sharing knowledge with everyone under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Trisha Hipolito

Trisha Hipolito