Recoletos de Pililla: A Journey of Unity, Reflection, and Environmental Stewardship


PILILIA, RIZAL – The Recoletos de Pililla community recently embarked on a momentous and historically significant occasion as we warmly welcomed the Prior Provincial, Fr. Bernard Amparado, OAR, alongside Fr. Ernil Almayo, OAR, the secretary. This inaugural visit held immense importance for our community, as it sought to assess our state, strengthen our religious life, foster unity and charity, and address any irregularities, all in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the OAR Constitutions.

Our journey with Fr. Bernard Amparado commenced on June 8, 2024, as he graced the Recoletos de Pililla Community with his presence at 11:10 AM. The day commenced with a prayer integrated into the Midday Prayer, setting a sacred and contemplative atmosphere for the visit. One of the most cherished aspects of the day was the individual dialogues, which began with the youngest member of our community, Fr. Alexus and Fr. Paul. These exchanges of heartfelt thoughts provided us with a platform for open and constructive communication, enabling us to better understand one another and fortify our bonds. Following a well-deserved break and ample preparation, we continued our visit with a delightful trip to Mang Avet’s Restaurant in Tanay, where we indulged in a scrumptious dinner, including the town’s famous halohalo — a delightful treat for the palate. The dialogues resumed in the evening, commencing at 8:15 PM, as Fr. Albert engaged in a heart-to-heart conversation with Fr. Provincial, a moment that held deep significance for both of them. The dialogue concluded at 9:15 PM, ensuring that each voice was heard and valued.

On June 9, our visit embraced a new day filled with spiritual nourishment, heartfelt conversations, and a profound commitment to the environment. The day commenced with the Office of Readings and Lauds at the chapel, followed by a nourishing breakfast that fortified us for the transformative journey ahead. After breakfast, around 8 AM, Fr. Bernard and Fr. Ernil led us to La Salud Laudato Si Farm, accompanied by Randy, the farm coordinator, and Fr. Albert. In a beautiful display of environmental stewardship, they planted native Narra Trees, symbolizing our community’s commitment to caring for the Earth and preserving its natural beauty.

Following this inspiring act of environmental devotion, the dialogues recommenced at 9 AM. This time, it was Frs. Randy and Ronel who engaged in meaningful and introspective conversations, further deepening our bonds as a community and fostering personal growth. As the dialogue concluded, we took a break to prepare for the highlight of our visit — the Holy Mass. At 11 AM, Fr. Bernard Amparado presided over the Mass, delivering a profound and poignant homily that touched upon the current state of our Pililla community. Filled with deep emotions, his message resonated within our hearts, instilling a renewed sense of hope and love that will guide us long after his visit. After the final blessing, Fr. Bernard expressed his heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of us for our unwavering dedication and perseverance, recognizing our collective efforts in upholding the values that define our community. The visit concluded with a community picture, capturing the unity and spirit that permeates Recoletos de Pililla.

As we gathered for a sumptuous lunch, our bonds of fellowship and camaraderie were further strengthened. The visit of Prior Provincial, Fr. Bernard Amparado, OAR, has left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds. It served as a transformative moment of reflection, growth, and strengthened bonds, reaffirming our unwavering dedication to our religious life and the core values of charity, unity, and environmental stewardship. Guided by the blessings and insights gained during this visit, we stand empowered to face the future with renewed vigor, steadfast in our commitment to our vocation and the service of God and others. As we continue our journey, we carry the spirit of Fr. Bernard’s visit within us, propelling us forward with purpose, unity, and a deep sense of responsibility towards the environment we inhabit.

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Fray Albert Pellazar, OAR

Fray Albert Pellazar, OAR

Ordained priest of the Order of Augustinian Recollects in the Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno.