Solemnity of All the Saints


Solemnity of All the Saints
1 November 2015

Reflection: What does it mean to be a saint? Our 1st Reading from the Book of Revelation reminds us that a saint is one who gives witness to Jesus, to be a martyr in the strictest sense of the word. To be a witness to Jesus is to imitate Jesus, living life according to Jesus’ life. The Beatitudes are the core values that Jesus have set for us to follow. These are the guidelines that will lead us towards perfect following of Christ who is poor, humble and wholely obedient to the will of the Father. There is no other way to perfection but Christ. There is no other way to the Father’s house but Christ. There is no other truth that we have to seek but Christ. There is no other life that we have live but the life of Christ.

It is then right to celebrate the Solemnity of all who followed Christ in life and in death. Their lives arr examples for us to follow also as they followed Christ. There is always hope for us to become better and holier, we have just to cooperate with the graces God gives us. To love God more and other brothers and sisters as well.

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