Pointless points to ponder . . .


You cannot change a religious . . .

Always accept that nothing can change circumstances as they are happening in your life, you can’t never change people with whom you interact at that moment of interaction period. When an occurrence in your life is not of your liking, it is nonetheless taking place. You will be wasting energy by resisting; the only result of doing this is stress. Instead of avoiding what you don’t like, face what you feel and accept it as simply part of life. Accepting people we don’t like, it is a good thing. Somehow, it makes us a better person. You may at a much later time work on a well-prepared plan on attempting to change others or better still, your own circumstances.

You cannot change a religious, but God’s grace can and in His own time!

Enjoy a Spirit filled-life. There’s plenty of time to be dead.


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