Advent Notes (3)


Here is a story that we should reflect on throughout these weeks of Advent.

Once there was a priest who was once telling a group of young children about Christmas. He described how Jesus was born in a cold, bleak stable-cave in the middle of winter. He emphasized how cold it was. There was no fire; the wind whistled in through the opening of the cave; Jesus had only the straw to keep him warm.

When he finished describing the birth at Bethlehem, he asked the children what they would have done if they had been in that cold stable-cave with the baby Jesus.

One boy said he would build a big bonfire. Another boy said he would wrap his jacket around the baby Jesus. One girl said she would brew a pot of hot tea for the little Savior.

Finally, another girl raised her hand. “Father,” she exclaimed, “I would take the little Jesus in my arms, if the Blessed Virgin would let me, and I’d just love him.” And that, of course, was the best answer of all.

Why did the Lord of history come among us in so humble a way, if not to give us a chance to love him, to take him in our arms, to walk by his side?

He already is the Lord of history, but he wants to be the Lord of our hearts.

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