San Vicente Ferrer Chapel: inaugurated and blessed


Before the break of dawn on December 12, 2015, the people flocked in the ground of San Nicolas  de  Tolentino  Church  to  fetch  the  first  class  bone-Relic  of  San  Vicente  Ferrer  from  St. Ezekiel Moreno Monastery of the Augustinian Recollect Nuns.

The roaring sounds of motor vehicles started to fill the air as the motorcade started to tread the road going to Tangub, Bacolod City. As per schedule, at 7 am, the pilgrims with motor vehicles lined  up  outside  the  monastery  to  accompany  the  Relic  of  San  Vicente  Ferrer  that  looks  like welcoming a dignitary. A special  mounted  glass  casket  was  the  place  were  the  relic was placed. There were more than 30 vehicles that joined in the motorcade. It made a solemn movement and due respect while treading the thoroughfares of the city. While the relic was being paraded in the streets of Bacolod City, a car with sound system played the chant in honor of Señor San Vicente Ferrer.There  was  a  real  testimony  how  the  pilgrims  love  and  venerate  the  relic  of  our  beloved miraculous  saint. This  was  participated  by  the  different  organizations  of  the  Church,  both  young and old and other devotees outside of the parish.

When the motorcade with the relic of San Vicente Ferrer arrived in Ayala North Point, the pilgrims of more than 200, welcomed our beloved relic-saint with  joy by waving their white handkerchief  and  sining  the  hymn  of  Señor  San  Vicente Ferrer.  In  a  prayerful  mood,  the  almost kilometer  walk  to  the  Church  was  a  glimpse  of  a  true  expression  of  love  and  piety.  Al  pilgrims braved  the  scorching  heat  of  the  sun  without  any  complain  or  even  an  expression  of discontentment. Simply, they offered every step to San Vicente.

It was almost 8 in the morning when the pilgrimage and motorcade arrived in the Church. The relic was placed on the side altar of the Church for people to pray and ask intercession from the Saint.

The  Eucharistic  Celebration  presided  by  the  beloved  Bishop  of  Kabankalan,  Most  Rev. Patricio  Buzon,  SDB,  DD  together  with  Augustinian  Recollect  Fathers  started  at  9  am.  In  his homily,  he  expounded  the  meaning  of  the  Extraordinary  Year  of  Mercy  which  was  declared  on December  8,  2015  and  will  close  on  December  8,  2016.  He  said,  “usually, jubilee  celebration  is after a century or centuries. It is for this reason that after the millennium celebration, Pope Francis has to declare the EXTRAORDINARY Jubilee Year of Mercy though it was only few years ago that we  celebrated  a  jubilee. There  is  a  posing  challenge  on  our  merciful  commitment  like  Jesus  by asking  forgiveness  and  by  forgiving  others.  It  is  in  following Christ  that  we  can  achieve  the  real meaning of Mercy”. Before the final hymn, the hymn of Señor San Vicente Ferrer was sung while Bishop Buzon  incensed  the relic  of  the saint.  Right  after  the  mass,  the  people  proceeded  to  the newly-reconstructed  chapel  in  honor  of  St.  Vincent  Ferrer  and  the  Multipurpose  hall.  After  the blessing, the Prior Provincial, Fr. Dionisio Q. Selma, OAR delivered his message “that the place is not  merely  a  building  but  a  holy  place  where  we  can  strengthen  our  faith  and  encounter  God”. Likewise,  the  Local  Prior  of  the  Community,  Rev.  Fr.  Sixto  M.  Bitangjol,  OAR  added  some messages with an emphasis on “not merely on the action of “palapak” because we are in need of physical healing. There’s a need to heal our spirit and our relationship with God and the saint”, he quipped. Rev. Fr. Joseph Dexter D. Palagtiosa, OAR, Rector of the Diocesan of San Vicente Ferrer expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the benefactors,sponsors and those who contributed in many ways  to  the  success  of  the  event  of  the  day  and  also  reminded  the  faithful  about  the  so  many miracles made by the Saint both recorded  and  unrecorded.  It  has  continued  his  intercession  not only to locals of Talisay City, Negros Occidental but also outside the parish jurisdiction. After all the activities,  the  morning  activity  ended  with  the  “palapak”  starting  from  Bishop  Buzon,  Prior Provincial, Fr. Selma, priests and the faithful pilgrims. Packed lunch was served to all pilgrims while the Bishop and the clergy went to a CSNT-R Elementary AVR were lunch was prepared.

In the evening, the “Dinner -for- a -Cause” was a successful event with the presence of the celebrities from the PInoy Big Brother Housemates, twin sisters, Jab and Jel Mendoza. The night ended  with  people  gladly  looking  forward  to  see  another  day  to  visit  the  Relic  of  San  Vicente Ferrer.

San Vicente Ferrer, pray for us!

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