Pointless points after Christmas


The Days after Christmas

It is just a few days after celebrating Christ’s birth. But there is the inevitable letdown. The empty boxes, the pretty paper on the floor, the empty bottles . . . Life has come back to normal, whatever that is, and it means that the diversion of the past few weeks, the frenzy and fuss, the lights and glitter are packed away once again like the star at the top of the tree; taken down and carefully wrapped, padded and protected in its ample box.

And what is left? War, homeless people sleeping in door stoops, hungry people begging for food, worries about health, people that bother us, concerns that wear us down. We’re back to where we left off before the holidays . .

Well, Mary and Joseph weren’t allowed to reside permanently in Bethlehem and neither can we. It’s back to the real world…

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