Is there someone who’s a fault finder in your life …. a confrere or a major superior? Is anyone telling you what’s wrong with you? Unless you’ve asked for an honest assessment, listen very guardedly. Ask Christ to teach you what he wants you to learn from it, but don’t stop there. Wait to hear Christ’s affirmation of your goodness.

     It’s possible that, in this case, there is only affirmation for you to learn.

     Fault finders are afraid. They project their fears onto us because they’re afraid that we’re better than they are. Or that we’re right about something they don’t want to face.

We must not let them control us or our moods or our decisions. If there is anything true in what they say, it is better to wait for Christ’s gentle correction, which always comes with loving affirmation of our goodness.

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Frei Bo

Frei Bo

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