Of Trust


Can you just have the trust to:

  • Cast the nets where there is no fish.
  • Feed 5,000 men with five loaves of bread.
  • Get off a boat and walk in the waves.
  • Fill up some jars with 600 liters of water when the wine runs out.
  • Run to the pool of Siloah with mud in our eyes.
  • Approach the priest’s house despite our leprous condition.
  • Open the tomb of a decaying cadaver.
  • Remain with Jesus in Capernaum when everyone else abandons him
  • Give all that we have even if we will have to go hungry.
  • Willingly die on the cross with eyes set on Paradise.

Even when everything seems lost, trust in God because he can turn you and me—worthless sinners that we are—into His upright, effective, generous, self-renouncing religious, working with others to make this a more loving world.

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Frei Bo

Frei Bo

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