Of Gossiping


Do confreres gossip? Do they gossip about each other? I think we know the answer. And I think we know that all of us have been guilty of gossip at some time. But we also know that gossip is a horrendous habit that can assault, crush and destroy even the strongest member of the community.

Gossip is particularly damaging in the local community and even in the  church because we are often more open with fellow religious about our weaknesses and needs. And because those weaknesses are out in the open it may be that gossip is more common in the community than anywhere else. A frightening thought wouldn’t you say?

Just think for a moment. How many religious have been the target of gossip from within the  communities? How many have been hurt, even mortally wounded by the careless comments of another? Too many I am sure. And much more hurting if gossips originate from the powers that be….

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