3rd Sunday of Easter


Peter , Do you Love ME?

Today , Christ is asking each one of us the very same question he asked Peter: “Do you love Me?” “Do you really love me:

          –     More than yourself?

          –        More than your possessions?

–     –      More than your money?

-M   –  More than your position?

          –        More than your worldly desires?”

And if your answer, like that of Peter, is “YES LORD, you know that I love you,” then you know in your heart what follows: ‘FEED MY SHEEP AND FOLLOW ME!’

-that YES brought Peter:

  1. TASK – “if you love me”, Jesus said, “ give your life to shepherding the sheep and the lambs of my flock.” We can prove that we love Jesus by loving others.
  2. It brought Peter a CROSS. Jesus said to him: “ When you are young you can choose where you will go, but the day will come when they will stretch out your hands on the cross, And the day came. He did die for the Lord.

Love brought Peter a TASK and it brought him a CROSS. Love always involves responsibility and it always involves sacrifice. We do not really love Christ unless we are prepared to face his task and take up the cross, daily in our lives.

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