The Funny CLown


The Funny Clown

There is a famous story about a man who, desperately ill, goes to see a psychologist.

He tells the doctor that he has lost his desire to live and is seriously considering suicide.

The therapist listens attentively and then tells the patient that what he needs is a good belly laugh; he needs to take life a little less seriously.

He advises the unhappy man to go to the circus that night and spend the evening laughing at Andoy, the world’s funniest clown.

“Seeing Andoy,” the doctor says, “will help you relax and recover your perspective.”

The patient rises to his feet, turns, and ambles to the door.

As he starts to leave the doctor says, “By the way, what is your name?”

The man turns back and looks sadly at the doctor, then says: “I am Andoy.”

It is just as impossible for us to give our lives the meaning we thirst for as it is for a car to fill itself up with gas.

We were made to live in communion with God, which we can attain through friendship with Christ – who is the true meaning of every human life, both here on earth, and forever hereafter.

-Author unknown

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