26th Sunday in Ordinary Time


25 September 2016

Reflection: Our readings this Sunday invites us to look beyond ourselves, to see other people in our lives. Many today tend not to see other, as if they are blind and cannot recognize the presence of other people. To be a Christian is to see beyond ourselves, that we recognize others, especially those who are in need. Jesus in our gospel, reminds us that we have our neighbors, those who might just be “outside our door”, those who are dire need of love and compassion, those who need our mercy and forgiveness. It does not matter what is our economic status in life, what is important is what is in our heart and how we see others. These things can be our salvation or damnation, let us therefore do what we can to live a truly Christian life. As St. Paul says in the 2nd reading, let us be “Men of God,” let us seek integrity, piety, faith, love, steadfastness, and a gentle spirit. Let us not be complacent, rather let us be responsible persons.

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Frei Bo

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