The Beatitudes




 THE BEATITUDES . . . which are not!

1. Blessed are those who make wise investments for they can afford frequent local      and foreign trips.

 2. Blessed are those assigned to affluent parishes and big schools for they cannot        ostensibly be touched.

 3. Blessed are the young, the clever, the charming, and the slim in body for they        can be physically attractive.

4. Blessed are those who own classy cell phones, lap-tops, iPads and other state-        of the-art gadgets for they shall be called Hi-Tech.

5. Blessed are the MALAKAS who demand and get respect for they are well                protected and protracted.

6. Blessed are the newsmakers for they shall be idolized.

7. Blessed are those who do nothing for they shall have ample time to criticize.

8. Blessed are the drifters for they shall be battered amid the jetsam and flotsam        of religious life.

Onz, OAR

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