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Christ the King!

          The liturgical year comes to an end today with the celebration of Christ the King. As we celebrate the solemnity of Chris the King, we acknowledge our faith in the universal kingship of JC and our longing for the full realization of God’s kingdom.


What does it mean to believe in Christ the King?


– Kung mapapansin natin, napakaraming mga hari-harian sa ating paligid:

– King of rock and roll    

– King of music

– King of Philippine movies

– King of comedies; chow king at marami pang iba.

– So many kings, but immediately we take note that they don’t last forever.

– The kingship of Christ lasts for eternity and is founded on love- not based on power, prestige, wealth, popularity, etc. To believe in His kingship is to be under His loving care and protection.

– To believe in the kingship of Christ is to believe and live out His commandment of Love.


What kind of king our Lord is?

         The reading for today’s feast is not the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem where he was greeted like a king. Today’s passage pointedly serves as an indication that Jesus’ kingship is one of love and sacrifice, not of power and domination.

         Gift – freely given to us by the Father….. not voted upon or forcibly became a  king.


In contrast to the kingship of this world that conveys:

1.     Authority lording over the subjects

2.     Power, dominion and  honor

         We see in the gospel a king who is crucified because of his love for his people

         Down through history, thousands and millions of subjects have died for their kings, but Jesus is the King who dies for us. He accepted crucifixion as the climax of the perfect obedience to his Father.


Who can really recognize Christ as King?

          In the gospel we see two people beside Jesus at Calvary: the bad thief and the good thief.

a)     The bad thief asked Jesus to prove his kingship by saying: If you are the king then save yourself and us. We see in him pride and selfishness…save yourself and us! A proud and selfish person can never recognize Christ as king.

b)    on the other side of Christ was the  good thief:

– What do we see in him?

1.     Fear of God

– Wala tayong kinatatakutan, bala lang.

– Ang ating diyos paminsan ay salapi, ari-arian, alahas at takot tayong ito ay mawala.

2.     Acceptance of one’s sinfulness: “We deserve to be punished for what we have done says the good thief. Inamin niya ang kanyang pagkakasala. Aminin!

         Tayo naman ay palaging pinapasa and ating mga kasalanan sa iba.

3.     After accepting his own sinfulness, the good thief surrendered himself to Christ.

– “Remember me when you are in paradise.”

– He acknowledged Christ as king even though Christ was on the cross.

– It is hard to acknowledge Christ as King in times of trials and difficulties

– Napakagaling na magnanakaw, even at the last minute ninakaw pa nya and langit.

My dear friends, in our life we can only recognize Christ as King if we fear the Lord, if we are humble enough to accept our own sinfulness and if we are able to surrender ourselves to Him.

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