San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish Talisay City, Negros Occidental


Negros became the Recollects’ mission Territory.


Separated from Silay, the town of Talisay, formerly known as Minuluan, was made a parish dedicated Philippines.

January 1, 1850

Fr. Fernando Cueva was the first parish parish who, except in 1857, administered the parish until his death on Good Friday of 1902. After working on the floor plan of the town, specifying the residential areas, the plaza, the church, the market, the tribunal, and the streets, he then brought his parishioners together into a Poblacion. He also labored for the material and spiritual progress of the town, including medical services and Scientific method of land cultivation. He took charge of the newly-created barrios of Dos Hermanas (which would become San Pedro Bautista Parish in 1992), Conception (another Parish under the diocesan clergy) and San Fernando to whose people he distributed coffee seeds for plantation.

February 1873  

Ezekiel Moreno came and strayed at this famous rectory-cum-hospital for hydrotherapeutic treatment.


Installation of six bells made of bronze and brass in the belfries.

First quarter of 1900s    

Fr. Miguel Garcia oversaw the completion of the construction of the original church started by. Fr. Cuenca.


Start of the construction of the third and actual church under Fr. Luis Alvarez. The first and second constructions, being made of light materials, did not give the desired result.

September 9, 1939         

Msgr. Guglielmo Piani, Apostolic Delegate to the Philippines, blest the newly-completed building under the supervision of Fr. Vilda.


Start of the Recollects’ environment at UNO-R High School.


Reconstruction of the present convent.


The Prayer Room was built.


Repainting of the Church.

Parish Priest

1850       Fernando Cuenca

1857       Juan Miro

1859       Fernando Cuenca

1902       Marcelino Simonena

1904       Julian Ortiz

1907       Leon Galdeano

1908       Guillermo Garcia

1915       Miguel Garcia

1921       [Tiburcio Fernandez: assigned, but installation is uncertain]

?              Pedro Moreno

1924       Miguel Garcia

1928       Paulino Jimenez

1929       Leandro Nieto

1931       Pedro Moreno

1932       Luis Alvarez

1937       Pio Santillana

1939       Santiago Vilda

1939       Felipe Lerena

1946       Moises Lopez

1949       Felipe Lerena

1951       Santiago Vilda

1957       Valeriano Agustin

1963       Florentino Echavarri

1975       Jesus Gabriel Perez

1986       Victoriano Polestico

1988       Casiano Cosmilla

1994       Alberto Avanzado

1997       Bernabe Dosdos

2003       Joel Naranja

2006      Eduardo Celiz Jr.

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