Sto. Tomas de Villanueva – Recoletos Formation House San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

July 21, 1947                          

Vicar Provincial Leoncio Sierra proposed the establishment of a “Colegio apostolico” (minor seminary) with the intention of having, in later years, a novitiate for Filipino Recollects.

March 31 – April 2, 1948      

The Provincial Council meeting in Spain approved the plan.

May 28, 1948                          

Prior General, Fr. Feliciano de Ocio, signed the decree of canonical erection of Colegio Apostolico de Santo Tomas de Villanueva (Santo Tomas de Villanueva Minor Seminary). The seminary was housed within the school premises of Colegio de Santo Tomas – Recoletos (CST-R).

1950 & 1966                            

Extensions of the seminary structure were made to accommodate increasing number of vocations.

December 7, 1996                

Inaugurations of the new seminary building at a new lot which now separates the new seminary compound from that of the school. Most Rev. Nicolas Mondejar, bishop of the San Carlos diocese, blest the two-storey edifice with 12 rooms for priest and can accommodate 50 seminarians.

June 12, 2007                          

Blessing of the 46-room dormitory for the first year college aspirants (originally 41 in all for the S.Y. 2007-08) after the ad experinmentum academic tie-up between seminaries in San Carlos and Baguio was approved by the Provincial Council.

June 2008                                

The live-out Program of formation (LOPF) was implemented for the first time but in its modified form.

House Prior

1941       Pedro Zunzarren

1946       Gregorio Espiga

1952       Bernardino Fabregat

1955       Federico Terradillos

1958       Martin Legarra

1961       Antonio Ausejo

1964       Jesus Solabre

1967       Jesus Martinez

1968       Melquiades Modequillo

1970       Anesio Villanueva

1973      Jose Ma. Juango

1976       Huberto Decena

1976       Delfin Castillo

1977       Rafael Cabarles

1979       Jose Ma. Juango

1982       Antonio Palacios

1985       Jose Ma. Juango

1988       Rafael Cabarles

1994       Lino Agunod

1997       Constantino Real

2000       Enrico Silab

2003       Pedro Escanillas

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