SEMoNoRe day 2017

ANTIPOLO CITY –August 18, 2017 The Community of St. Ezekiel Moreno Novititate celebrates this year’s SEMoNoRe day. Fray Dionisio Q. Selma OAR, SARF, OAR Theologians, seminary personnel and religious priests gathered for this celebration.

The last day of Novena Mass, in the morning was officiated by Fray Fortunato Garces, OAR. Fray Hector Gonzalez gave the homily and he commends the sacrifice of St. Ezekiel afflicted with cancer.
A fraternal basketball game was held at the SEMoNoRe covered court. The game was between team SEMoNoRe (pre-novices/novices with 45pts.) and team RFC (theologians with 65pts.) and another game with OAR priests vs. theologians. Team RST won with 73pts.-65pts.
In the evening the whole community prayed the vespers in honor of St. Ezekiel Moreno and complines. The day culminated through a dinner and socialization.

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