SEMoNoRe on the Solemnity of Our Lady of Consolation

ANTIPOLO CITY – “Through the wearing of the cincture we are reminded today that the Virgin of Consolation is guiding us and is with us,” Rev. Fray Bernabe M. Dosdos, OAR enunciated in his sermon addressed to the Secular Augustinian Recollects, Novices, Pre-novices and lay faithful during the Solemnity of Our Mother of Consolation last 4 September 2017 at St. Ezekiel Moreno Novitiate-Recoletos.

Fray Roland Cepe, OAR, Fray Joseph Cyprian Panaligan, OAR, and Fray Zachary Haguisan, OAR concelebrated during the mass and, after that, the whole community prayed the lauds. Then, agape followed.
The Our Lady of Consolation is the patroness of the Order. Viva la Virgen!

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