UNO-R celebrates 429th OAR Day


The UNO-R community celebrated the 429th day of the Order and the opening of Christmas @ UNO-R  December 05, 2017.  The day opened with a Vocation Conference at the Oratory of St. Nicholas of Tolentino.

Rev. Fr. Gideon Lagrimas, OAR;  Sr. Maritess, OAR;  Ms. Inocencia Cabarles;  and Mr. and Mrs. Lino Sumbillo were the speakers for the said conference.  The 2nd part of the day’s activity was the advent reflection By Rev. Fr. Gideon Lagrimas, OAR  for the university community at the university park at  4 pm  and  was followed by a Concelebrated Eucharistic celebration where Recoletos de Bacolod House Prior, Rev. Fr. William Villaflor, OAR is the Main Presider.  Joining Fr. Villaflor were Fr. Eduardo Celiz, Jr., OAR; Fr. Don Besana, OAR; Fr. Louie Gabinete, OAR; Fr. Walthrode Conde, OAR; Fr. Abraham Latoza, OAR; Fr. Ronel Gealon Fr. Persiuz Joseph Decena, OAR; and Fr. Lagrimas.

The Prior of the Recoletos de Bacolod community, in his homily on the occasion of the 429th Day of the Order, reminded every UNO-Rian to take care of their spiritual life or their relationship with God. He opened his sharing with a quote from Jomarie Chan saying that the best album he has produced is “Christmas in our Hearts”.  So he reminded all that the celebration of Advent and Christmas should be by rejoicing, praying and thanksgiving to God.  He also told the community that as Recoletos we have to  prioritize religious practices over secular undertakings.  The celebration of the 429th day of the Order is all about the Grace of God and of bringing the Kingdom of God on Earth.   Fr. Villaflor also said that we have to share our beautiful pictures of our life with God’s love an mercy.  We have to open our photo album of life as a Christian, where Christ should always be at the center.  He also quoted from the Holy Father that we have to take care of our spiritual life and that prayer is the backbone of everything in our life.  In this world, “Walang Forever”.  We always have to store things in heaven.  We need to invest in the Heavenly Bank of Christ.    Furthermore, he shared that Advent is an opportunity for each one to deepen his faith with God.   It is our time for recharging our batteries.    He also included in his reflection that we have to take care of our environment. This is created by God for us.   He closed the sharing by summarizing it in three points:  the Mercy of God; sharing of our blessings; and we have to be witnesses of the beautiful experience with God.

During the Mass, the Religious and members of the Secular Augustinian Recollect Fraternity (SARF) renewed their vows to the Order.  The day capped with the opening of Christmas season @ UNO-R tagged as “Lux Pacis”. Rev.  Fr. Eduardo Celiz, Jr. OAR, university President;  Engr. Noli Ortiz, President of UNOFELA; and Mr. Alvin Go Ping, UNORSSGO President delivered their Christmas messages.   Carlos Legaspi, Jr., PhD and Dexter Paul Dioso, PhD gave the rationale and mechanics of the “Lux Pacis” Project.   After which, Fr. President, Engr. Ortiz and Mr. Go Ping lighted the Tree of Peace at the Main lobby while Fr. Villaflor with Fr. Persiuz Joseph Decena, OAR ; Dr. Dioso and Dr. Legaspi lighted  the “LUX PACIS”. The College councils and Campus organizations switched on the lights in the campus. The program closed with the launching of the Christmas Jingle composed by Julie and Blanche of the Mass Communication Department.

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