First Priors’ Meeting of the Quadrennium

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Provincial Curia, QUEZON CITY – The Prior Provincial, Fray Dionisio Selma, OAR, met for the first time this quadrennium 2018-2022 the local priors of both “domus formatae” and “domus non formatae” last September 14, 2018 here at the seat of the Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno.

Twenty-two of the 24 local priors representing the Province were present. For some inevitable reasons, the two from Sierra Leone were not able to join the gathering which was meant, in general, to re-orient the local community heads about the salient decisions set down in the Life and Mission Project of the Province.

In a particular manner, the meeting was intended to strengthen the observance of common life in every religious community, to give an update on three specific areas such as Bastecon, official books, and milestone celebrations, and to know the current state of each local community.

Fray Dionisio Selma, Prior Provincial

The Constitutions of the Order of Augustinian Recollects categorize those houses or religious communities with at least six friars and have been established by the Prior General with the consent of his Council as “domus formatae.” In the Province, those houses engaged in formation apostolate, educational apostolate offering tertiary level, and the Provincialate community belong to this group.

Those that do not meet the abovementioned requirements are designated “domus non formatae.” They are normally established, upon prior consultation with the Prior General, by the Prior Provincial with the consent of his Council.

Other religious in attendance where the Provincial Councilors and the two missionaries to Indonesia who would become future local priors when, as planned, two communities will be set up there later on.

The morning session kicked off with the usual assembly before the Blessed Sacrament at the convent chapel. It exhibited the supreme recognition of the “Highest Authority” whose example for all priors—in fact, for all of us—remains ever valid at all times and circumstances: to serve rather than to be served.

Before the priors from the different OAR communities gathered for their meeting, they spent an hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament presided by one of the deacons, Fray Paul Demillones, OAR, and assisted by Fray Elpedio Sarita, Jr., OAR, and Fray Niel Ryan Jarumay, OAR.


At half an hour past midmorning, the program started and emceed by the Provincial Secretary who first introduced the booklets and documents distributed to the brothers.

Father Provincial welcomed and thanked especially the local priors for coming to attend the meeting. He then gave the rationale of the assembly and put greater emphasis on the tripartite challenge of becoming creators of communion, men of hope, and witnesses to Gospel values.

The priors read the prepared report on the updates of the BasteCon.

Shortly after, the three important concerns were addressed. Fray Lauro Larlar gave a talk on Bastecon, short for San Sebastian Basilica Conservation and Development Foundation, Inc. He said that this particular mission project serves as a case in point to learn the merging of service of authority and obedience vis-à-vis the administration of assets in our religious context.

Using a powerpoint presentation, the Provincial Secretary made a review about the seven official books of each local community (such as Book of Minutes of Meetings, Book of Noteworthy Events, Book of Communications, Book of the Dead, etc.) and the proper way of accomplishing or filling them in.

Over and above those basic books which are examined during the major superiors’ renewal visits, he also enumerated other official books: the five or six books for those with ministerial or parish apostolate, the Book of Chapter for those assigned in the seminary, the five books for those with a local chapter of the Secular Augustinian Recollect Fraternity, and five more just in case a local center of the Recollect Augustinian Youth will be formally established in the local community.

Fray Almayo, OAR, Provincial Secretary, discussed with the priors the official books that are to be kept by each community.

Fray Leander Barrot, OAR, Chairman of the Commission on History, Culture, and Heritage-Recoletos gave a summary on the process and procedure involved in community and institutional milestone celebrations. He also talked about the forthcoming 20th founding anniversary of the Province to be held on November 27-28, 2018, as an example.

The afternoon session which continued until 8:45 in the evening focused more on the state of the community report. Father Provincial took the floor first in order to transmit to the religious where the Province is at the present and where it is heading to. Then, the 22 local priors took turns in making their individual report.

Here is the list of the local priors for this quadrennium:

Domus Formatae

1. Fray Leopoldo V. Estioko, OAR (Recoletos de Cebu)

2. Fray Julius M. Marcos, OAR (Recoletos de Manila)

3. Fray Vicente L. Ramon, Jr., OAR  (Recoletos de San Carlos)

4. Fray Bernard C. Amparado, OAR  (Recoletos de Baguio)

5. Fray William Emilito C. Villaflor, OAR (Recoletos de Bacolod)

6. Fray Rommel L. Rubia, OAR (Recoletos de Cavite)

7. Fray Bernabe M. Dosdos, OAR (Recoletos de Provincialate)

8. Fray Lauro V. Larlar, OAR (Recoletos de Miranila)

9. Fray Paulino H. Dacanay, OAR (Recoletos de Antipolo)


Domus Non-formatae

a. Philippines

10. Fray Leonardo P. Pauligue, OAR (Recoletos de Talisay)

11. Fray Enrico Peter A. Silab, OAR (Recoletos de Valencia)

12. Fray René F. Paglinawan, OAR (Recoletos de Tondo)

13. Fray Constantino B. Real, OAR (Recoletos de Laray)

14. Fray Manuel M. Lipardo, OAR (Recoletos de Inagawan)

15. Fray Christopher V. Gaspar, OAR (Recoletos de Casian)

16. Fray Cirilo M. Andan, OAR (Recoletos de Tambo)

17. Fray Albert A. Pellazar, OAR (Recoletos de Hinatuan)

18. Fray Samson S. Silloriquez, OAR (Recoletos de Pangasinan)

19. Fray Jay M. Parilla, OAR (Recoletos de Caidiocan)

20. Fray Emilio P. Jaruda, Jr., OAR (Recoletos de Balamban)

b. Taiwan

21. Fray Corvin R. Maturan, OAR (Recoletos de Daliao)

c. Sierra Leone

22. Fray Enrico S. Nacorda, OAR (Recoletos de Kamabai)

23. Fray Jose Prudencio G. Castillo, OAR (Recoletos de Kamalo)

d. Saipan

24. Fray Allan Rubett A. Cabatian (Recoletos de Saipan)



Fray Dosdos, Recoletos de Provincialate

Fray Amparado, Recoletos de Baguio

Fray Larlar, Recoletos de MiraNila

Fray Marcos, Recoletos de Manila

Fray Rubia, Recoletos de Cavite

Fray Pellazar, Recoletos de Hinatuan

Fray Parilla, Recoletos de Caidiocan

Fray Maturan, Recoletos de Daliao

Fray Cabatian, Recoletos de Saipan

Fray Estioko, Recoletos de Cebu

Fray Villaflor, Recoletos de Bacolod

Fray Pauligue, Recoletos de Talisay

Fray Dacanay, Recoletos de Antipolo

Fray Silab, Recoletos de Valencia

Fray Paglinawan, Recoletos de Tondo

Fray Real, Recoletos de Laray

Fray  Lipardo, Recoletos de Inagawan

Fray Gaspar, Recoletos de Casian

Fray Andan, Recoletos de Tambo

Fray Jaruda, Recoletos de Balamban

Fray Silloriquez, Recoletos de Pangasinan

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Fray Jose Ernil Almayo, OAR

Fray Jose Ernil Almayo, OAR

Fray Jose Ernil F. Almayo, OAR, is currently the Provincial Secretary of the St. Ezekiel Moreno Province.