The “Us” in Married Life


27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
7 October 2018 | Mk 10:2-16

Reflection: Our Readings this Sunday invites us to a deeper understanding of God’s plan for human beings. He never intended man to be alone and He created a suitable partner for him. God has willed that man be a social being. Man has to relate with others outside himself. By nature, man is altruistic and selfless. He is to find joy in the company of others.

Secondly, God also ordained that man and woman will be together. Marriage was and is part of God’s plan. Through marriage, man gives himself to the woman, and the woman also to her man. Whatever is contrary to this reality and God-given order in creation is against the very nature of humanity.

Divorce is never part of God plan, but an outcome of man’s desire to exercise his freedom, a freedom that is selfish and contrary to divine law. Married love is ought to be selfless and persevering, always ready to take up the burden of the married life through thick and thin. The convenant between husband and wife ought to show that love is a sacrifice of one’s own life and plans, in order that the beloved may live and grow, and ultimately to become holy through perseverance. Married love is never a one way road, it is always mutual. There will be no more just an ‘I’ but always an ‘us.’

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Fray Alexus Mansueto, OAR

Fray Alexus Mansueto, OAR

Priest/Religious of the Order of Augustinian Recollects in the Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno.