SARF Life and Mission Project discussed, revised, and approved


QUEZON CITY—The Secular Augustinian Recollect Fraternity in the Philippines made history during the last weekend (28 to 30) of September 2018.

Close to three weeks before the fraternity celebrates the feast day of its patron saint, St. Magdalene of Nagasaki, the Filipino Third Order of the Augustinian Recollects approved its revised SARF Particular Statutes and updated its Life and Mission Project (LAMP) for 2018-2022.

Fray Rafael Pecson, OAR, president of San Sebastian College-Recoletos Cavite City, mentored the SARs for two days in crafting its Vision-Mission statement and the LAMP.

Fray Ian Anthony Espartero, OAR, Vicar of the Province and President of the Secretariat of Spirituality and Formation, effortlessly led the updating, editing and coaching on the revision of the Particular Statutes.

Close to 40 SARs from 14 Philippine chapters attended the three-day conference at the San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish Pastoral Center in Quezon City.

Fray Dionisio Q. Selma, OAR, Prior Provincial, gave the inspirational message. Fray Bernabe Dosdos OAR, National Spiritual Adviser and Fray Emil Larlar OAR, former National Spiritual Adviser were also present.

The conference relied on Fray Emil’s experience and expertise in settling a number of questions in the course of the conference.

Fray Selma congratulated the delegates who answered “God’s call” in attending the conference and reminded everyone of the promise of Jesus: “I am with you…until the end of time”. He said that as “pilgrims” (peregrinos) SARs must always remember the word of God, know who they and that everyone is called to serve others.

He reminded the SARs in crafting the LAMP to pray for vocations and identify social apostolate for each chapter and align activities with the OAR umbrella organization ARCORES.

Fray Ian said that SARF must have the dynamism to serve the Church.

He called on SARs to reflect Jesus in their lives, to wlk the extra mile to serve the Lord and others.

He said: “ang SARF ay kaanib ng simbahan sa pagpapalaganap ng mabuting balita”.

He called on everyone to have a deeper prayer life.

Fray Pecson deconstructed the old LAMP beginning with the Vision/Mission and tackled the plans on committee basis, dividing the participants into five groups.

The conference came up with the following vision/mission.

VISION: A community of lay faithful to the Gospel and the Augustinian Recollect Identity.


  1. Called to a deeper relationship of love and service to God and devotion to Mary, we commit to live the Augustinian Recollect charism as lay faithful.
  2. Inspired by the Augustinian Recollect spirituality, we journey with the Augustinian Recollect Family and give witness to interiority, community life and apostolic service for the Church.
  3. Committed to our Rule of Life, we fulfill our vocation to proclaim the Gospel through a life of holiness.

The two workshops on LAMP identified problem areas in governance, communications, formation, spirituality, finance, apostolate and social concerns and suggested solutions.

Fray Pecson has the following recommendations:

  1. Delineation of duties for effective governance.
  2.  Creation of manuals- process; formation and religious requirements etc.
  3.  Formation of formators
  4. Training for ARSE
  5. Training for special functions like setting up and administration of websites..
  6. Training for leaders
  7. Identification of social services that reflect the OAR charism and presence.

Fray Ian breezed through the 29-page revised particular statutes, editing, updating and inserting suggestions and finishing the project at 5PM of the second day.

Earlier, the SARF leaders were bracing for the discussions to last up to 9PM of the second day with the third day reserved for wrapping up.

The revised particular statutes were approved past five PM.

On the last day, the conference discussed and agreed on several aspects of ladies’ uniform.

SARF national president Edwin Ruiz said he will ask Bro. Tagoy Jakosalem to design the SARF logo.

The SARF officers also agreed to meet with Fray Pecson in his Cavite Office to finalize the LAMP incorporating the results of the conference workshops. (by Sister Rosario T. Galang, SARF)

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