Give until it hurts


32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
11 November 2018    |    Mk 12:38-44

Reflection: How do we measure generosity? Oftentimes, we measure it according to the amount given by a donor. Christ, however, gives us another criterion to consider, that is ‘How much do we give of ourselves in our giving?’ Jesus gives us the example of the widow in our Gospel this Sunday.

Many gave large amounts, but what they gave were just surplus of their wealth. The widow gave everything she had, insignificant fraction it may seem compared to those given by others.

This is the lesson we have to learn from the widow in Zarephath, our self-giving to the Lord will never go wanting. God will reward those who generously give themselves to Him. This same message is given to us by our 2nd Reading, the generous self-giving of Christ brings us salvation. He gave Himself as a ramsom for us who were snatched away by the evil one through sin.

Our generosity is measured by our self-giving. God looks at the heart of the matter, not at the amount. St. Teresa of Calcutta exhorts us to give until it hurts, because when it does not take anything from us, if it does not teach us detachment, if it does not hurt us, we have not given anything.

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Fray Alexus Mansueto, OAR

Fray Alexus Mansueto, OAR

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