Parilympics 2018 ends: Team Agustinos Recoletos brings home champ’s trophy


MAKATI CITY—This year’s Parilympics came to an end with the awarding ceremony held at Bahay Pari, San Carlos Seminary Complex, Makati City. Team Agustinos Recoletos, together with other dioceses in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Rizal, and Cavite, joined in the celebration of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

His Excellency, Most Rev. Teodoro Bacani, DD, Bishop-Emeritus of Novaliches, presided the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at Bahay Pari Chapel.

Most Rev. Teodoro Bacani, DD, Bishop-Emeritus of Novaliches, presided the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Supposedly, His Eminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, DD, Archbishop of Manila, would have presided the Holy Mass. However, he was rushed to San Juan de Dios Hospital due to vertigo. In his text message with the organizers, he apologized for the unavoidable circumstance and congratulated the participants of the Parilympics 2018. Thus, one of the intentions of the Holy Mass was for the recovery of the Cardinal.

In his homily, Bishop Bacani mentioned the importance of sportsmanship and camaraderie among the clergy and religious. In the celebration of the Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons, the sport events and competitions in Parilympics were avenues to showcase competitiveness and team work. But the humble bishop reminded the participants that more than the trophies and awards that were at stake, the clergy and religious should focus more on “winning souls which is our primary task as servant-leaders,” Bishop Bacani said.

Some of the diocesan clergy and the religious men who participated in Parilympics 2018.

After the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, the awarding ceremony commenced. The winners of the different events were:

Tennis (singles):

  •             2nd Runner up: Team Agustinos Recoletos
  •             1st Runner up: Team Novaliches
  •             Champion: Team Manila

Tennis (doubles):

  •             2nd Runner up: Team Manila
  •             1stRunner up: Team Agustinos Recoletos
  •             Champion:Team Novaliches


  •             2ndRunner up: Team Agustinos Recoletos
  •             1st Runner up: Team Novaliches
  •             Champion: Team Manila

Badminton (singles)

  •              2nd Runner up: Team Manila
  •              1st Runner up: Team Agustinos Recoletos
  •              Champion: Team Novaliches

Badminton (doubles):

  •             2nd Runner up: Team Agustinos Recoletos
  •             1st Runner up: Team Manila
  •             Champion: Team Antipolo

Basketball (3-on-3:

  •             2ndRunner up: Team Malolos and Team Novaliches
  •             1st Runner up: Team Agustinos Recoletos
  •             Champion: Team Manila

Basketball (5-on-5)

  •             3rd Runner up: Team Imus
  •             2nd Runner up: Team Malolos
  •             1st Runner up: Team Manila
  •             Champion: Team Agustinos Recoletos
The most coveted trophy of Parilympics, the Champion Trophy. Team Agustinos Recoletos have etched its name in the list of champions from previous seasons. 

In all seven events, Team Agustinos Recoletos bagged trophy from each event. The biggest and the most coveted of all trophies was that of the basketball 5-on-5. Since 1996, these were the champions of this basketball event:

  • 1996: Quezon City South
  • 1997: CALMANA
  • 1998: Quezon City North
  • 1999: Quezon City North
  • 2000: Quezon City North
  • 2001: Quezon City North
  • 2002: CALMANA
  • 2003: Manila
  • 2004: Manila
  • 2005: Pampanga
  • 2006: Manila
  • 2007: Manila-Pasig
  • 2008: Manila
  • 2009: Manila
  • 2010: Manila
  • 2011: none
  • 2012: none
  • 2013: Pasig
  • 2014: Manila
  • 2015: none
  • 2016: Parañaque
  • 2017: Manila
  • 2018: Recoletos

The Parilympics Champion Trophy will be in the custody of the Augustinian Recollects until the next season of Parilympics. In the eventuality that a new champion will be declared next season, the champ’s trophy will be given to the winner. If not, it will stay with Team Agustinos Recoletos.

The post-program interview of Veritas with Fray Emmanuel Bolilia, OAR.

In an interview with Veritas, Fray Emmanuel Bolilia, OAR said, “We thank the organizers for allowing us to join in Parilympics as the only congregation representing the Consecrated Persons.” In the previous seasons of Parilympics, the Augustinian Recollect friars were divided among the dioceses where they were assigned. Only this year that the Augustinian Recollects formed a separate team competing with other dioceses.

Congratulations to all participating priests and religious men!

The “Puso” (heart) that inspired the friars to bring home these trophies.

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