USJ-R welcomes students from Ibaraki Prefectural HS


CEBU CITY–An array of black buses indicated the arrival of high school students from Ibaraki Prefectural High School. With much excitement, USJ-R students stood outside the coliseum, waiving their hand crafted flags and flashing their smiles, to welcome the said delegates. As the day progressed, humanly connections were made and strengthened through different ways.

From different cultural dances to games from both countries, they all made the students grin and laugh as they played to their heart’s content. The afternoon activities included touring the Japanese students around the school and exchanging the tokens they have prepared for one another.

When the sun has set and the day has reached its end, to bid the Japanese goodbye, USJ-R students send them off their buses with their own warm farewells. As what Charles Dickens have said, “The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.”

Till we meet again, friends. 

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