Where truth dwells, God is there


2nd Sunday of Advent
9 December 2018   |   Lk 3:4,6

Reflection: We are surrounded nowadays by many kinds of news, be they good, bad or sometimes fake. The difference between them is how one distinguish the truthfulness of the news and the effect they give to the hearers. The good news give joy, bad news give anxiety, but fake news, which are more rampant today, not only distort or destroy the truth, they lead to division and uncertainty. John, the voice in the wilderness, gives witness to the reality of sin and God’s call to repentance, the sinner would heed his call but for those who claim to be learned in the ways of God and the law, he is a mad man.

Many today pick up fake news as the truth because their ways are justified. The Good News or the Gospel of Christ preached by the Church becomes untolerable and made to be a laughing stock, their prearchers become the stupid ones that deserve to be killed (St. John the Baptist was killed for the truth). What people deem to be bad news is not given any importance, when in fact bad news contain a bit of good news, they remind us of what is wrong and what needs to be changed. Not all bad news are bad, sometimes they are good news that seems to be bad because they lead us to the truth of who we are.

Let us, then, discern whatever news we receive. Let us find out where they come from and who are bearers of them. Only the truth gives true freedom, and when there is truth, there is love, mercy, and justice. Wherever truth dwells, God is there.

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Fray Alexus Mansueto, OAR

Fray Alexus Mansueto, OAR

Priest/Religious of the Order of Augustinian Recollects in the Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno.