Talangpaz Foundation Meeting 2019: “A flicker of hope” unveiled


MANILA— The Talangpaz Foundation held its 7th annual meeting today, March 23, 2019. The meeting started at 9:00 A.M. with 74% attendance of its members. The discussion centered on the reports of Mother Lucena L. Antipala, A.R., Sr. Maria Lirio L. Guillermo, A.R., member of the Commission on the Beatification of the Talangpaz Sisters and Sr. Ma. Irma L. Castrodes, A.R on financial matters.

Mother Lucena, appreciated the propagation of the Talangpaz Sisters and their heroic virtues through the Talangpaz Outreach Program (TOP) held in local communities. She informed us that the highest rate in terms of the implementation of the Foundation’s purpose is on scholarship grants and that other purposes may seem to be less implemented which may mean there is no need on these or maybe the people concerned are not aware of this kind of benefit they can avail of from the Talangpaz Foundation. She exhorts everyone to hope, pray and work for the furtherance of our works of charity, helping the needy, and for the cause of the Beatification of our Foundresses.

Mother Lucena L. Antipala, A.R. delivering her report

Sr. Maria Lirio L. Guillermo, A.R. started with a prayer for the repose of the soul of Dr. Luciano P.R. Santiago, a historian and a dedicated author of the “Stars of Peace: The Talangpaz Sisters”, who passed away a few months ago. She presented the two direct quotes of the Talangpaz Sisters as a highlight of the latest work of Dr. Luciano. A noteworthy update from her is about the discovery of a possible document of the Talangpaz Sisters as reported by our Sisters in Spain. She termed it as a “flicker of hope.” The members were all happy with this news.

Sr. Maria Lirio L. Guillermo, A.R. sharing some updates from the Commission on the Beatification

Sr. Ma. Irma Castrodes, A.R. presented the financial statement of the foundation. Prior to her turn, there was an extensive exchange of thoughts about the Talangpaz Scholarship program and the sources of funds as part of the purpose of the Foundation. All the sisters were encouraged to raise the funds for less fortunate yet deserving students.

Moreover, Sr. Cleofe Maria J. Agua, A.R., chair of the Beatification Commission, said that all efforts should move the sisters to work for the beatification of the Talangpaz Sisters with the grace of God. In her statement, she said that there is a need to send a sister to Rome to study and the write the “Positio,” a document or collection of documents used in the process by which a person is declared Venerable.

We all pray that God may grant us the grace of the Beatification and that we may be worthy of asking this grace.

This news article was originally published in www.augustinianrecollect.org.ph written by Sr. Rhena Sherra H. Caranzo, A.R.

Sr. Ma. Irma L. Castrodes, A.R. reporting the financial statements of the Foundation
Sr. Cleofe Maria J. Agua, A.R. explaining the tough process of writing the “Positio”

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