AR Renewalists on Holy Week: A Prayerful Journey of the Paschal Mystery


On Holy Thursday afternoon, two hours before the Celebration of the Lord’s Last Supper, the AR Renewalists walked down the path towards the AR Novitiate. 

There was a silent prayer of hope to see a similar number of Novices in the coming years who would occupy the same pews. The Renewalists spent an hour before the Blessed Sacrament as part of their daily schedule from April 7, 2019. It was a silent adoration filled with profound prayers before the Eucharistic Savior. It was also an opportunity for the Renewalists to reminisce their Novitiate Days though only a few young Renewalists had it there. Some had it in the old Novitiate building which is now the present Tagaste Retreat House. Others had it at the AR Motherhouse.

On the following day, a Good Friday morning act of the AR Renewalists was to pray the Stations of the Cross at the St. Augustine Chapel of Tagaste Retreat House, Tagaytay City. There could have been an option to proceed to the side garden of the Chapel with bigger statues of the Stations of the Cross. However, due to safety concerns of some elderly Renewalists, the group opted to hold it inside the Chapel. The prayer leaders were Sr. Ma. Marcela Dela Cruz, Sr. Lucille Encabo and Sr. Mary Joy Dula. Sr. Cleofe Maria Agua played the organ at the choir loft. The Sisters had a prayerful journey of the Passion Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!

AR Renewalists praying the Stations of the Cross at Tagaste Retreat House Chapel.

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