Relics of Saint Rita of Cascia: A Gift of Presence


MANILA–The Relics of Saint Rita of Cascia that graced San Sebastian Basilica yesterday visited the neighbor yet her home— Saint Rita College-Manila on June 10, 2019, from 12:00 noon to 5:00 P.M.

Reverend Father Alexus E. Mansueto, OAR, assistant parish priest of San Sebastian Basilica carried solemnly the relics from San Sebastian to the chapel of Saint Rita College-Manila. People of different intentions and unique prayers offered roses and venerated the relics as the choir sang melodious hymns.

Reverend Father Dennis Ruiz, OAD, Postulator General of the Discalced Augustinian and the facilitator of the visit of the relic in the Philippines, thank the sisters for the warm welcome attributed to the relics and he appreciated the songs for her. The veneration of the relics continued and was opened to the public while the sisters prayed silently until the relics were returned to the Parish.

Saint Rita College- Manila- her home in Quiapo

A home is where your soul finds rest; a home is a place that when you have to go there, they have to take you in.

The history as to why the first school of the Augustinian Recollect Sisters was named after Saint Rita was unwritten. We could just have the thought that Saint Rita was canonized in the 1900s and was so famous at that time and perhaps the sisters began (or even before her canonization) their devotion to the newly canonized Augustinian Saint and the first school of the Congregation founded in 1907 was attributed in her name. It did not happen by chance. For the sisters, it is one of her miracles and will continue to share miracles to the lives of the people.

Saint Rita, from Cascia to the Philippines, was taken by the Sisters hundred years ago but unnoticed by a visible eye because she was taken home her Quiapo in the hearts of the sisters and the people who were with them. Her relics that visited this day is a gift of presence that forever marks a special place in the hearts of the sisters.

The Cincture  

For Augustinians, the cincture marks the goodness of Our Lady of Consolation, who offered Saint Monica, the mother of Saint Augustine, the black leather belt as a sign of her presence and consolation for her son Augustine, who is in constant search for the Truth. As a symbol of the presence of the Blessed Mother, it is also a sign of purity that reminds the vow of chastity.

The Bone

The bone relic is a part of the incorrupt body of Saint Rita who died in 1457. The incorrupt body of this patron saint of the impossible and hopeless cases can be seen at the Basilica of Saint Rita in Cascia, Italy. It is publicly known that her body has been seen in different positions in the glass case, as well as eyes have opened and closed unaided.


Is it possible that her body be brought her in Saint Rita College-Manila one day? Who knows? Perhaps it can be another prayer that the Saint of the Impossible would listen to. For now, let us allow God to work in us and imitate the virtues of Saint Rita as we ask her intercessions.

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