Local superheroes, Pinoy mythical creatures highlight ninth Eng’grande

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CEBU CITY–Heroes clashed with the local characters in Philippine folklore on the annual evening show of the College of Engineering (CoEng).

Dubbed as ENG’GRANDE, the organizers set the theme to “Pinoy Super Hero vs. Pinoy Mythical Creature.” It was held at the Center for Performing Arts (CFPA) on August 23, 2019.

Six engineering departments presented their ten-minute acts which resembled different Pinoy heroes and mythical creatures.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was hailed as the Eng’Grande 2019 Grand Champion featuring “Ang Panday.”

The Department of Industrial Engineering placed as the first runner-up portraying the “Pedro Penduko.” The Department of Electrical Engineering won second place representing the “Cardo and Friends Volume 1.”

Meanwhile, the Department of Electronic Engineering was announced as the third placer imitating the “Super Inggo x Encantadia.” The Department of Computer Engineering was declared as the fourth placer with their chosen show “BERTeng Kabisote.” Lastly, the Department of Civil Engineering won fifth place for impersonating “Captain Barbel x Agta”.

The faculty members also showcased their talent in dancing and singing in a separate production number.

The event was organized by the Engineering Consortium, the council of presidents in CoEng.

Written by Jan Angelieka Marie F. Villapez  (Communication Intern) 

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