UNO-R celebrates Feast of St. Nicholas


Bacolod City, NEGROS OCCIDENTAL–The day opened with the early morning a procession around the jurisdiction of the Oratory of St. Nicholas de Tolentino, September 10, at 6 am. This was followed by a Concelebrated Fiesta Mass presided by Bishop Patricio Buzon, SDB, DD, Bishop of Bacolod. He was joined by Fr. Ronald Quijano, Sacred Heart Seminary Rector; Fr. Julian Bermejo; Fray Don Besana, OAR; Fray William Villaflor, OAR; Fray Ronel Gealon, OAR; Fray Joel Alve, OAR; Fray Jay Parilla, OAR; Fr. Glynn Ortega, OAR; Fray Edgar Tubio, OAR; Fray Rouel Sia, OAR; Fray Emilio Jaruda, OAR; Fray Dominador Mercado, Jr., OAR; Fray Allan Jacinto, OAR; Fray Walthrode Conde, OAR; Fray Persiuz Joseph Decena, OAR; Fray Cristituto Palomar, OAR; Fray Amadeo Lucero, OAR and Fray Jose Alden Alipin, OAR.

The Bishop shared in his homily that the journey to holiness must start from each one of us. The Heart and Soul directed to God is a total commitment. Love of God must not be inferior. Attachment to material things should be avoided. We must give our whole self to God – Heart and Soul. “God first” is not easy. God never asks something that we cannot do. Our Baptism with the Holy Spirit has made us sons and daughters of God. We must be Holy. God calls us to holiness – God is holy, so, we must be holy. The Holy Spirit is the very source power of God. He added that the Consecration is a great miracle of the transfiguration. The Priests has been given the power to can transform the bread and wine to the body and blood of Christ. It is the Holy Spirit that moves us. Love of God.

According to St. Paul, the Holy Spirit is the outpouring up the love of God in our hearts. We love God above all and with the presence of the Holy Spirit, Nothing comes between us and God. We have to rise above ourselves. We let the Holy Spirit work in us. “Gaudete Exultate” reminds us that “We are all called to be Holy”. How do we respond to the call? We live our lives in love, we are witnesses of God’s love. Love of God, neighbors, self in the proper places. We have to be Holy as you are called by bringing out yourself. Let the glory of God shine upon you.

The Bishop also said “Do not imitate the lives of the Saints literally” but immediately added that we have imitated the virtue. They lived in their own time. Their lives are responses to their times. What we need from the virtues they practice. We are Peacemakers – called to bring peace. The Church calls us to Stand with the needy, we need to be sensitive to the poor – healing of the body and soul. Special Gifts – “Become a Saint by being the best of what you are” as written in “Christus Vivit”. So, we sing to the world, it needs to hear our joy.

After the mass and before the panecillos were distributed, the service awardees were presented. (news by Virlin Matti and photo by Marcelo Piornato).

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