Recollect Augustinian Youths extend help during COVID-19 Pandemic

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By: Lourdes Isabella E. Corpuz

For the past month, the country has experienced a major setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the less fortunate, they are left with little options as they struggle with the effects of the enhanced community quarantine. In response to this, the Recollect Augustinian Youth from Caidiocan, Pangasinan, and Talisay rose from the adversity and took actions to relieve their respective communities.

The RAY de Talisay along with the Carmela Chapel ladies donated 100 relief packs for recipients being the Rosary Children Families and senior citizens. They qouted, “True goodness springs from one’s heart.”

On April 16, 2020, RAY de Caidiocan who are affiliated with the Sangguniang Kabataan, distributed food ration to the constituents of Brgy. Caidiocan. When asked what inspired them of their public service, they answered, “With a good heart and inculcated Words of Abba, good works are made. The Word inspired us– and since Jesus was the Word, He really is the ultimate reason why we were able to serve the public with faith, humility, and kindness.”

The RAY de Pangasinan decided to go door to door with their birthday treatment to show their unconditional support for their fellow Raysters. An authentic visualization of ‘no one gets left behind.’

The following are some of the initiatives of the Recollect Augustinian Youth communities all over the Philippines to aid the cry of help of those in need. The RAY stands firm as the living message and messenger of the Word and deed of Christ, embodying the communitarian and missionary values all the more in times of crisis.

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