RAYsters’ grounds for evangelization: Social Media

unshaken faith 3

by Andrei John P. Ea and Christine Joy P. Euraba

In their own little ways, the Recollect Augustinian Youth from the different OAR communities in the Philippines shared the light of the Gospel as evangelizers. Various RAY local communities have used the power of social media in answering the call: to pray for the world and to stop the spreading of this COVID-19 pandemic. With relatively more time in our hands due to this current state, many of RAYsters can now find the time for prayer and silence.

Through the use of social media, RAY de Pangasinan organized an Online Chain Prayer via live streaming every night inviting the youth to join them in prayer to end COVID-19. Last Palm Sunday, they also sold “palaspas” or palm branches via online to raise funds for activities and programs of their local chapter.

RAY de Antipolo continually prays every 12:00 noon, asking for the intercession of the Blessed Mother Mary by praying the “ORATIO IMPERATA”.

Last April 10, 2020, Good Friday, RAY de Talisay also invited the youth to join in praying and reflecting on our Lord’s Passion via Zoom Conference and praying the Holy Rosary every night for the safety and protection of all frontliners. They also creatively made some do-it-yourself “palmlaspas” with significant messages in every materials that they used.

RAY de Cavite continued their Lectio Divina via Zoom Conference.

RAY de Bacolod and RAY de Valencia had their Reflection Series even if they were staying at home.

With unshaken faith, the Recollect Augustinian Youth with intimate communion among the members, continue to develop a process of ongoing conversion despite of this pandemic, by which, leaving behind fears and exteriority, they enter within themselves to encounter God of life who is waiting for them.

RAY de Pangasinan prepared some “palaspas” to be sold online.
Online Lectio Divina: the RAYsters’ way.
To keep their spirit up, RAY de Valencia organized an online faith sharing.
The Oratio Imperata prayed by RAY de Antipolo.
Online Way of the Cross

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