Taiwan-based university grants full scholarship to two Josenian IT grads

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Two USJ-R graduates of BS Information Technology received a full tuition with stipend masters program scholarship offered by Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST).

They are Bien Grenier Sasing and Ma. Thea Cabral. Both are 2020 graduates.

They received their grants in the first quarter of 2020. At present, they are pursuing Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Internet Of Things (IOT) in Taiwan.

Sasing and Cabral are expected to finish in 2022.

A year ago, these two scholars participated in a student exchange program with STUST together with another alumni, Leigh Ann Concon.  They had their internship from December 8, 2018 to June 22, 2019 in Taiwan. 

Both scholars were part of an all-student development team. Sasing was with SEER while Cabral was with BeatTrak.

The SEER system was developed to alleviate the problems of the VIBs (visually impaired or blind people) through a portable obstacle detection device that concurrently acquires spatial data which is used by the VIBs for exploration of their environment. Natural language processing and tactile sensors is used for event updates and commands through audio and haptic feedback and the use of the robotic operating system (ROS) as the modular framework to provide a future-proof system that can be improved further.

BeatTrak is a digital stethoscope prototype for people to have a quick test of their heart sound. This device can record heart sound data and send the processed audio signal to computer processing. The computer processing introduced a machine learning model that has been trained to be able to classify the signal as normal or abnormal. Subsequently, data is then transmitted to clinic computers via Bluetooth to a web-based application. If results are abnormal, patients can choose to consult with a doctor.

After completing the scholarship, the USJ-R School of Computer Studies (SCS) clarified that Sasing and Cabral will be invited to teach in SCS on a part-time basis and help in the advising program for student and faculty research projects as reflected in the agreement between USJ-R and STUST.

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