Foreign Missions Update: OAR Response to COVID-19

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Ubuntu Africa: A Recollect Response to Covid-19 Pandemic

“Ubuntu” in the African culture (or “Osho” in Krio) describes compassion towards the other. It also connotes the belief in the intrinsic good of humanity or the universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.

Concretizing this cultural value (which is also a Gospel value), the Recollect missionaries in Sierra Leone have committed themselves to implement a two-phase response to alleviate the current situation of the crisis in their respective mission areas i.e., Kamabai and Kamalo.

First phase is prevention: “To prevent a toxic lockdown culture and a disproportionate response of the local people to the crisis.”

Second is assistance: “To assist the poor (esp. families of students at OAR administered schools, and teachers who are not receiving salaries).”


Fray Leo Neil Bullos, parish priest, continues to intensify the Marian character of the parish through First Saturday devotion. Last September 5, Through a motorcade, the image of La Salud was brought around the communities served by the parish.

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