RAY de Caidiocan: Watchful and Alert


Caidiocan, Valencia, NEGROS ORIENTAL–We are sometimes scattered because of pandemic but this time we are gathered because of it.

The RAY de Caidiocan launched their “Be watchful, Be alert!” service to attend and respond to the Church in the strict implementation of basic health protocols in preventing the spread of COVID-19. The youth members have been assisting in implementing health protocols in the liturgical activities of St. Ezekiel Moreno Quasi Parish in Brgy. Caidiocan. They were tasked to conduct temperature check; implement social distancing; and enlist all Mass goers for contact tracing.

By these simple yet effective ways of following health protocols, prevention of the spread of the virus and protection the people of the community are possible.

Their assistance given to the community in Caidiocan is also a way to renew their commitment to listen, to be attentive and to respond the needs of the Church and the community.

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RAY Correspondent