Misa de Gallo Day 3 Reflection: THE FAITH OF A FATHER


by Br. June Clark Solas

Matthew 1:18-25

As a seminarian for 1 and a half year now, I have discovered a lot about myself. Looking back to the yesteryears I spent with the people around me inevitably led me to the reality of my first seminary formation, my HOME, my FAMILY. As I slowly move in inside, I can’t help but be mesmerized by the beautiful memories etched on the walls and on every corners and portals of the house. The details of those laughters and cheers are vividly and fluidly felt in a seemingly endless time. It is really nice to be back in the Home where my first seminary experience began. There is no place like HOME!

As I continue touring myself back to a place very familiar, unavoidable circumstances are expected to occur. Such are the secret passages that led me to the dark corners of this home. Chills are running through my body as I reminisce the pains that were hidden in this part of the house. Something has changed. For a long time, I was accustomed seeing my father enjoying more the company of alcohols and wines, caressing and kissing them rather than his family who is waiting for his embrace and gentle touch as an assurance that they are ok. I became apprehensive about so many things. Questions arose such as to what’s in store for us? Where are we leading to?

With this scenario I was tempted to run away, escape, and be gone. But I realized that it won’t change a thing. It would even worsen the situation, I believe. There is no better way of facing a problem than carrying it closer to your heart and embrace it. It is lighter than just look at it from a distance. Through prayers, trust to the Lord, and my Father’s will to change, things are a lot better now with my Family. 

I remember my story as I reflect on the story of St. Joseph, the adoptive Father of Jesus on the account of Matthew, the evangelist. Joseph in the story was in deep trouble knowing that Mary is in an irregular situation. He had a plan. A plan to evade this trouble. He planned to escape and leave Mary and the Child to be born behind. However, something happened. After the Angel spoke to Joseph in a dream, that night the story of mankind has changed.

This Christmas and the days to come, allow ourselves to learn from this silent worker and the husband of Mary on how he handles situation that requires a mature and a deeper understanding of one’s faith. Let me share with you three things that this man has shared with me.

First, the Faith of Joseph tells us of the REAL PRESENCE OF GOD. There are things that are beyond our control. Most of the time, these things seem to be bigger than us. Such are the problems that we encounter every day. We are overwhelmed by these and we find ourselves in the losing end. Ready to give up, run, and hide. However, Joseph tells us the otherwise. Instead of running and hiding, face it and believe because at the end of the day the truth is, there is Someone who is in control of everything. We have a lot of plans in life but the Presence of God dictates that His plan is greater than ours. He is always with us. Believe! HIS PRESENCE IS REAL.

Second, the Faith of Joseph is an INTERNAL CONVICTION. Joseph does not need a lot of proofs to believe in the real presence of God, what he has is a compelling internal conviction that God is with him. Human as we are, we tend to look for proofs and proofs are given. However, we lack the will to hold on to what we have. For this reason, we tend to look for more reasons that will satisfy our curiosity than what satisfy our faith. Christ’s reason for coming is us. You are more than enough reason for the Father to send His only begotten Son. Now, it is your time to make CHRIST your compelling Internal Conviction to celebrate CHRISTmas.     

Third, the Faith of Joseph is to LIVE OUT WHAT WE BELIEVE IN. Joseph did everything the angel commanded him to do. He never doubted that the voice of the angel is the will of the Father for him. This applies to all of us. The Lord is talking to us in various ways through the people around us, our parents, friends, teachers, etc. But what is peculiar in God’s way of talking to us is through Prayers. He is asking us to break bread and share wine with Him. He even admonishes us at the end of the celebration to bring peace to others. This is something that we have to LIVE OUT, that we have to become the broken pieces of God’s body as a reminder of His presence here. The Lord is also asking us to assume our identity as peace makers in this world.

This is St. Joseph, the adoptive Father of Jesus. Let us remember him with his Faith that expresses the real presence of God; a faith that is an internal conviction; and a faith that lives out what the faith dictates.  

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