Uniagustiniana to confer Honoris Causa on Fray Jaranilla


Bogotá, COLOMBIA – The Universitaria Agustiniana (Agustiniana University) will bestow the rare distinction of “Honoris Causa en Cine y Televisión” – or honorary degree in Film and Television – on Fray Reynaldo Jaranilla, OAR in a simple ceremony within the holy mass on March 8, 2021 (March 9 in the Philippines).

Just as every honorary degree recognizes the distinguished contributions of an expert in his particular field, for Fray Jaranilla, this award which he did not expect to receive testifies to and concludes his fruitful stay for 32 months in the Recollect Province of Our Lady of Candelaria for interprovincial collaboration and learning of Spanish language.

The Recollect community of Tagaste in Bogotá, Colombia during the Prior General’s fraternal visit to Colombia. (Left to right) Fray Juan Pablo Martínez (General Secretary), Fray Andrés Zambrano (Local Prior), Fray Enrique Arenas Molina (Rector, Uniagustiniana), Fray José Enrique Cortés, Fray Miguel Miró (Prior General), Fray Reynaldo Jaranilla, Fray Iván de Jesús Vázques, Fray Diego Montoya Naranjo and Fray Oscar Carrizales.

Fray Enrique Arenas Molina, OAR, rector of the said university, abbreviatedly called Uniagustiniana, Dr. Ricardo Rojas López, Secretary General and VP of Academics, and Edward Lozano Martínez, Dean of the Faculty of Communication Arts and Culture, are expected to hand him over the diploma.

Fray Boyax together with (left to right) Dean Edward Lozano Martínez, Dra. Ángela Rocío Ovalle Posada, Dra. Alejandra Díaz Manzano, Dean Leonardo Santana.

A news brief from the administration office of the Province thanked Fray Jaranilla “por su trabajo interprovincial, el cual nos brindó al interior de la Uniagustiniana, desde el mes de Junio de 2018 … (en) la Comisión de Comunicaciones de la Provincia y también las transmisiones de muchas actividades que se realizan en la Parroquia San Agustín de Fontibón” (“for the interprovincial work which he rendered to us within the Agustiniana University since June 2018 … in the Commission on Communications of the Province and also in the broadcasts of many activities in San Agustin Parish in Fontibón”).

Fray Boyax, as he is fondly called by his confreres and friends, said he had found himself most relevant particularly in the area of film and television, thanks to his rich background in information technology, audiovisual management, film arts, music, mass media, social media, and other allied disciplines.

Among his valuable contributions in the university include training of the TV laboratory custodians of Centro Agustiniano de Medios (CAM), who, in turn, pass the skills to the instructors and students; collaboration in the renovation of the new broadcast studio; and sharing innovative workflows for mobile multi-camera broadcast.

Team Centro Agustiniano de Medios (CAM 2018). (Left to right) Kilver Julian Tinoco, Diego Alejando, Andrés Olascoaga Gaviria, Jeferson Daniel Enciso García, Fray Reynaldo Jaranilla, Jorge Andrés Trujillo (Coordinator).

On March 9, at 6:30 a.m. (PH time), or four days before his departure back to the Philippines, he will be recognized as the solo recipient – and arguably, the first Filipino Recollect of the Province to receive such title from a Recollect university abroad – of this honorary degree approved by Colombia’s Ministry of National Education. The rite will be streamed live via Facebook (account name: Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno).

Our warmest congratulations to Father Boyax!

The inaugural episode of La Letra Sin Carreta. (Left to right) Dr. Edward Lenis Torres, Rodolfo Prada Penagos, Javier Zambrano Luna, and Fray Boyax.

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Fray Jose Ernil Almayo, OAR

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