Faith over Atrocities: A Lenten Recolletion Series


by Patricia Bernabe, Thea Salvador, Pauline Jurisprudencia and Jude Yusoya

RAY de Bacolod, Cavite and Talisay held their lenten recollection in their respective communities

Faith knows no boundaries. Amidst the pandemic, we are with one heart and soul towards God. In line with the 500th anniversary of Christianity in the Philippines, the RAY de Bacolod, Cavite, and Talisay Councils held their Lenten Recollections in their respective communities. As they unite again with one another, they paused, reflected, and prayed to God. Allowing them to collect themselves again with the help of one another to find harmony and prominence once again, despite the difficulties we face today.

RAY de Bacolod

In connection with the celebration of the 500th year of the Arrival of Christianity in the Philippines, a Lenten Recollection was held at the Saint Nicholas of Tolentino Oratory in Bacolod as a time to pause, reflect, and pray. The activity started with the morning prayer followed by a few words from Fray Ricky John Austria, OAR, who spoke about this year’s theme, Missio Ad Gentes. The talk was succeeded by the Penitential Rites which was then followed by the Sacrament of Reconciliation administered by Fray Cristituto Palomar, OAR, the UNO-R Bacolod University Chaplain. Subsequently, an exorcist in the Diocese of Bacolod, Rev. Fr. Rayman Asoy, also delivered a share of wise and pleasant words which simultaneously induced laughter to everyone while subtle realizations dawned upon them. A General Absolution by Fray Palomar concluded the Penitential Rites which was then followed by the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with Fr. Asoy as the main celebrant. The whole recollection ended with bright smiles as the song “Awit ng Misyon” was animated by the Religious Education teachers and the UCDO and Campus Ministry staff.

RAY de Talisay

Welcoming the sorrows and making amends for sin-counting, the pilgrims’ souls have gathered during the times of Lent Season as they partook in Youth Lenten Recollection entitled “Home: Knocking on Heaven’s Door” and meditated in Holy Hour for Vocation participated by the following volunteers namely the RAY de Talisay, COM, CWL, LOM, and Rosary Children held at San Vicente Chapel, March 20, 2021. Calling the presence of the Holy Spirit, the recollection started with the Rite of Eucharistic Exposition and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament celebrated by Fray Anthony Morillo, OAR. Furthermore, the youths said their intentions and prayers during the Holy Hour for Vocation and celebrated their jubilee by joining animation, big group sharing, and ice breakers. The day was concluded by Fray Nino Cesar Ruiz, OAR by emphasizing the essence of Lenten Season which is returning ourselves to our Home beside God the Father for it is a paradise and solace where being love is eternal.

RAY de Cavite

With the theme, ” Lenten Season: Recalling the Greatest Love Story”, the members of Recollect Augustinian Youth de Cavite held their Lenten Reflection last March 27, 2021, spearheaded by Fray Julius James Tinapao and Fray Joseph Dexter Palagtiosa, OAR. The said RAY community also asked everyone to pray for one another, do fasting as a symbol of a sacrifice and lend hands for those people that need our assistance and guidance. “The Season of Lent is a time for us to reflect, reminisce, and re-evaluate ourselves in preparation for the greatest feast and celebration, the Easter Sunday, ” RAY de Cavite stated on their Facebook post.

Looking at the bigger picture, people will have to encounter the greatest crossroads of their lives and inescapable challenges along the journey. These leave us in the abyss in the uncertainty of everything and a mindset – life becomes a nightmare. Yet our faith in God is the one who weaves our existence in the threads of good and evil. In these threads of reality, each individual can put their resilience, perseverance, strength, and hope to conquer the battlefield of life. All we need is to choose.

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