A Renewal Visit of Fr. Prior Provincial


In line with the canonical mandate to personally visit the whole province during his term of office as Prior Provincial of the Province of Saint Ezekiel Moreno of the Order of Augustinian Recollects, Fray Dionisio Q. Selma visited the San Sebastian College-Recoletos de Manila Community last June 15-17, 2021.

 As stipulated in the official communication which was read during the opening day by Fray Arnel F. Diaz, who served as the Pro-Provincial Secretary, the main purpose of the Renewal Visit, “is to know the state of the community, to re-affirm religious life more fully and the charity and unity between the brothers, as well as to correct any abuses and make every effort to attain these goals, and to leave the blessing of peace once the visit is over” (OAR Constitutions no. 464).

Being in an “extraordinary times” brought about by this Covid-19 pandemic, the Prior Provincial mentioned that the visit may just be, at this moment, limited to our communities and ministries in the Philippines. In fact, he said that even the local schedules at this time are practically tentative due to the restrictions and unpredictability of the whole situation. As highlighted by the Prior Provincial, the visit also serves as an immediate preparation for the 56th General Chapter in March 2022 and the 8th Provincial Chapter in May 2022. He then exhorted the community to prepare the pertinent official books for the official checking.

In his talk with the community, Fray Selma accompanied the brothers in reflecting about the current issues on religious life and how they are related to the life of the brothers as Augustinian Recollects and to their ministry as religious of the Province.

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